Client Services

Account access

Get your trading account information online through RCG Passport and RCG Archive, features of our clearing firm, Rosenthal Collins Group, a division of Marex Spectron. There you will find up-to-date information on your trades within minutes of execution. You will also find your daily and monthly statements for the last five years.

Risk Management

Rosenthal Collins Group, a division of Marex Spectron, is an industry leader in conservative financial management of customer funds. Transparent in their segregation of customer funds, they post daily updates on their website of their investment of those funds. Starting in 1923, they have pretty much seen it all regarding market activity and associated risks, and have consistently handled all types of markets with the commitment of customer protection.

Trade Execution

The majority of orders are entered electronically with market orders receiving instant fills while you wait on the phone. Our trading platforms allow us to handle the complete order flow processĀ – from initial entry to order adjustment or cancellation/fills. All types of orders are possibleĀ – simple futures or options, futures spreads, option spreads, block and many more. We are here to help you translate your trading idea into a precise order, and then manage that order from start to finish.